And affordable too!

Websites designed by PARKERTECHGROUP webmasters are professional, affordable, secure, and well-supported. We take the extra time to make your site unique and not cookie-cutter like so many other website options available in the marketplace. We work with you to make sure you are happy with the site before it goes live. Our web development processes are fine-tuned to capture your preferences and your objectives in an easy, stress-free way. You tell us what you want and we do the heavy lifting!

Since the majority of websites are viewed on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets, we make sure your site is mobile responsive, meaning it will look good and behave well on a mobile device. This is not an after-thought with us, we see it as a competitive edge for our customers.

Search Engine Optimization is critical for your organic (non-paid) visibility on browsers like Google, Bing, Safari, etc. PARKERTECHGROUP is very SEO conscious when developing your site. Our SEO tools are excellent. An important function of good SEO on an ongoing basis is fresh content. We provide the ability for you to edit your own site at whatever level you feel comfortable. We also provide up to one hour of free training in how to make the majority of edits needed to keep your site fresh. But no worries, if you want us to make all or some of the changes for you, we will do so as part of your monthly website hosting costs.

Hosting Options

At PARKERTECHGROUP we do not create a site for you and then get your site hosted on some off-shore, cheap, bare bones hosting platform with little or no support or security. If something bad happens, who do you talk to? We are different in this regard – we host our sites on our servers! We provide the security and support. The same people you worked with to create your site are the same people who will support you with hosting, performance, and security. It is a one-stop website service at its best.

Feature Bronze Level Silver Level Gold Level Platinum Level Titanium Level
Webhosting (continually)
URL Renewal (annually)
Web Maintenance (as needed)
Training (as needed)
SSL Certificate (annually)
Email Account (one for website)
Search Engine Optimization (initial setup/optimization)
Google My Business (initial setup/optimization)
Online Web Results Report
Online Web Results Report (plus monthly analysis by PTG with notations and actions as needed)
SEO Search Engine
GMB Google My Business (continuing optimization)
Social Media Management (continuing optimization)
Competitive Analysis (monthly report about how you are doing versus your competition)
Citations Management (monthly review and enhancements)
Content Management (Monthly review and enhancements)
Digital Marketing (monthly review and enhancements)
(+ ad buy % fee)
Social Media Services
Digital Marketing
Performance Services
Online Reports 24/7
Web Hosting

Our quotes for web development and hosting options are free.

What Our Customers Say...

As a family-operated kennel that raises high quality boxer, cocker spaniel, and miniature dachshund pups, we knew that a great website was necessary for our success. I had PARKERTECHGROUP create our first site in 2003 and they have been our website provider ever since. Websites and the internet have changed over the years and they have always been there to move our site to the new technology quickly and improve it as needed. I recommend them for your website work and know you will find them to be helpful and knowledgeable.
Black Creek Kennels
Godwin, NC
The North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) is an industry voice for bail agents in our state.. We offer Pre-licensing and Continuing Education Classes as part of our services. An important tool to achieve our goals is our website. PARKERTECHGROUP webmasters work with us, constantly updating and improving our site and our SEO reach. Bail agents rely on us for timely information, schedules, and industry resources and our website uptime and capabilities is critical. Some of our requests are time sensitive and they have always worked us into the schedule and delivered. PARKERTECHGROUP is a great choice for a quality and performing website at a competitive price and great support.
North Carolina Bail Agents Association
High Point, NC