Our Pledge to Our Customers

PARKERTECHGROUP’s owners, managers, technicians, webmasters, and sales or administrative personnel are in absolute agreement with our Pledge to Our Customers shown here. From our first day in business with just two people in 2002, the characteristics of this list has been the clarion call to do our business in a better way than most of our competition. Realizing that technology companies are often seen as dishonest and untrustworthy, the primary requirements of anyone working for PARKERTECHGROUP has been to be honest, professional, respectful, knowledgeable, and helpful. We believe that it is what sets our company apart from the rest.

We pledge to honor our commitments to the letter and the spirit of the commitment. Our agreements are simple, easy to understand, and fair. Any short-comings on our part will be addressed as soon as possible for the good of our customers.

We pledge to be honest in all transactions and advice. We will not sell you something you do not need. We will not over charge for our services and products and we will not steal your time by being irresponsible or not listening to your needs.

We pledge that we will not disparage our customers or communicate with anyone in any way that will harm our clients. Our reputation in the marketplace is of paramount importance to us. Likewise, our customer’s reputation is important to us. 

We pledge to follow all best practices and guidelines from reputable, knowledgeable authorities and sources, as practical, so that we may render the best service to our customers. We will train and equip our personnel for the same reason, to improve our relationship with our customers and to help them to meet their objectives.

We pledge that our products and services will be the best we can provide and our follow up actions, whenever needed, will be of the highest quality possible.

We pledge to be accessible to our clients. We publish our contact information willingly; we will not hide behind an 800-number answered by a far-away person, or an email address as the sole means of contact. We answer our calls and emails, even if the news we have to convey is not good.

Finally, we pledge to interact with our customers in a respectful manner, realizing that they have many IT support, Web technology, and Digital Marketing choices, and they have honored us by choosing us. We commit to work for our customers in a way that will provide a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

It is our hope that this pledge is more than our commitment to you – it is a way for you to understand us better. Every company has a culture and ours is Trust, Fairness, and Respect. We look forward to being of service to you and your business whenever and however you may need us.

-Curtis Parker, President, PARKERTECHGROUP