Where selling online
becomes easy

We are in a time where buying online has become the norm and brick and mortar stores are also using online sites to sell their products and services. General sites like Amazon and eBay dominate the online landscape and big box stores like Walmart, Lowes, and Target have their own e-commerce sites. Many smaller retail or specialty companies face the decision to hop on these big sites and get lost in the sheer volume or do their own smaller site and fight for internet presence – or both. It is a tough call and if you see that a smaller selling site would be good for your business, PARKERTECHGROUP is here for you.

Woo Commerce

Our e-commerce solutions are based on Woo Commerce, the world’s leading e-commerce product. It is highly scalable, connects to most popular payment apps like Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Authorize.Net, and others. It is a secure shopping cart solution that is easy to use and has many features to consider.

Our webmasters will work with you to chart the best course through the many Woo Commerce options and integrate the software with your website – either as a click-from your site or as a custom website built by us. In many ways, our business and technical knowledge is as valuable as our software development skills. We can take out a lot of difficulties and gotchas as your partner in e-commerce.

Woo Commerce


We can work with you on e-commerce solutions for a few products or thousands. Pricing will vary based on features, number of products, complexity, etc. Our quote for your e-com site will clearly define our efforts and protective measures to make your site safe and productive for your business at the best price possible.


We host our e-commerce customer sites on secured servers with industry strength security software and hardware devices.