The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still hold true. But what is the worth of a video? A million words? Two million? The exact impact of a well-produced video for your website is not easy to calculate but you can be sure it is significant. And it is worthwhile too. Approximately half of your visitors that watch your video will take some sort of action, which could be a phone call or visit. Not bad statistics in the digital marketing world.

We are often asked the question, why should I have PARKERTECHGROUP produce my video instead of doing it myself with my phone? It is easy to record a pretty good video and post it. But we take video further, with better sound, better video quality, better backgrounds, and better effects such as text or charts or other visuals to make the presentation more effective.

We also add a very important element. Just like any other digital marketing method, for example, your website, blog, or social media platforms, content is extremely critical to success. You need a well-planned, well-written, script and flow to your video to keep people watching it, and encouraging them to pass it on.

A good video should do what a good brand or a good website does – build trust between you and your audience. Seeing you, or your spokesperson talk about or demonstrate what you can do for them is a powerful marketing aid. Plus, it is often simpler to show what something is or what something does in video, which again leads to higher engagement activity. And don’t forget, the browsers like Google and Bing eat videos like candy. You can see better overall SEO results on search engines because of video.


Much of what we said about videography holds true for photography, which is another service we offer. We specialize in getting the right shots for your website and we often do product shoots for our customers for their selling web sites. A site can utilize many pictures and sometimes you just don’t have the time to take your own shots. Let us do it for you as part of your site build.

An effective video effort requires ‘production’. That’s what PARKERTECHGROUP can do for you. Connect with us to discuss how this aspect of digital marketing can become a game changer for your business.