Password Management

PARKERTECHGROUP is pleased to be a partner with NordPass. When using an internet browser to store your passwords and credit card information, there is a risk of anyone being able to obtain your information. With NordPass, you can be assured your passwords and credit card information are stored safely so only you have access to this sensitive information. NordPass has the option to save your passwords with one click and can also log you in to your most used accounts quickly and easily. There is an option to sync all of your devices so you are never without your passwords when you might need them most. 

Just a single password to log into NordPass is the only thing you will need to remember. NordPass will do all the hard work keeping up with the rest of your log in credentials. To make it even easier, you can log into NordPass with your Microsoft or Google accounts. 

With NordPass Enterprise, you also get so many benefits for your business like having shared folders with company passwords, company credit card information, and other credentials for your business. Everyone has secure access to the necessary information for working together as a team. 

If needed, users can be added or removed or even given access to only certain information. There is also an option to see the activity log of each user to see the actions that were taken on a particular day. You have the power to check your password strength and set specific requirements for each password that is created.