Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around a long time now, and it has proved to be an affordable and effective way to market and message your business. The key is to not consider email marketing as a blasting type tool that saturates email accounts without any thought to audience needs. And, you do not want to be a spammer, right?

PARKERTECHGROUP’s approach to email marketing is based on its integration with the other aspects of your digital marketing as well as your traditional marketing efforts. We avoid the spamming stigma of email marketing by simply using our tools to ensure you are not spamming. We work with you to identify the best way to get your message to your audience target. And we report to you how you are doing.

Email Marketing

Why is email marketing something you need to consider?

  • Email Marketing is the least expensive way to communicate with your customers.

  • Email Marketing can provide your news, offers, coupons, and announcements in a visually appealing manner.

  • Consider the mobile customer and their phones. They are checking email away from home. Internet and email activity from mobile devices is over 70% of all internet traffic today.

There are a lot of big email marketing software vendors out there with great products. But they come at a price. PARKERTECHGROUP’s email marketing tools are very affordable, and our webmasters and digital marketers are most helpful in making sure all parts of your digital marketing portfolio are integrated with your email marketing needs. Give us a call and let’s work together to use this powerful and affordable method of marketing to promote your business.