As Needed IT Services

On Demand Labor

PARKERTECHGROUP provides Technical Support for businesses that do not have a support contract with us. We appreciate these clients very much and are pleased to help whenever our services are needed.

These as needed requests are billable by the hour, and can be at your location or ours. We bring the same quality customer service, reliable parts, and qualified expertise to the job as we would for a contract customer. We do have to schedule as needed work with our contractual customers in mind, so actual response times vary due to schedules and complexity of the service.

Our companies have been using PARKERTECHGROUP for our tech needs for several years. They have always been very helpful with quick response to our problems. The employees are very knowledgeable and take time to explain any fixes we may need.
N. Jackson, Jackson Family Enterprises, LLC,
Erwin, NC
Managed Services

If you use our As Needed support several times, you may find that one of our contractual services could save you money. Click here to explore our monthly fixed rate managed services.