Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

Let’s face it. We all have a common problem with passwords. We have too many and most of them are too short and easy to guess. We forge them, we write them down, and we never like to change them. With all the hacking and security breaches going around, we should tighten up our passwords. But when we realize how much trouble that would be, poof – let’s do it tomorrow… Procrastination is the hacker’s best friend. 

So, we may say, I am going to use one password everywhere. Easy to remember, right? But what happens if someone figures out the one password?  

If there was only a way, or an app, to have a single and secured password that acts like a key to a vault of my passwords to all the apps I use? The vault opens and I am good to go! 

There are such apps. Some are good, some are better, and a few are the best. But which one should you choose? 
PARKERTECHGROUP recognizes this problem and offers an easy way to solve the issue. After due diligence we partnered with NordPass, a highly recognized password management company, to provide an affordable solution to your password quandary. We use it for our own corporate and personal password management. Best of all, we install and support it for our customers. 
The first question we get is – I can store my passwords in my Google, Bing, or Safari browser, for free. Why should I pay for password storage? 
Well, the answer is this – those browsers are not secure. Although browsers encrypt passwords, they are stored in a widely known folder with the encryption key (the means to unlock and lock passwords) conveniently stored near them. Hackers have no problem with this. Secondly, browsers often provide an easy means for anyone to export the passwords as a convenient way to move to other browsers or computers. Can you say Happy Hacker? All the hacker needs is physical access to your computer or a connection to your computer. No sophisticated tools or inside knowledge required. 
PARKERTECHGROUP provides NordPass to our business and personal customers. Here are just a few of the many features of this powerful and secure password management software: 
Centralized Password Management. All passwords are stored in one place, a vault if you will, with an extremely secure key.  
Password Sharing and Emergency Access. NordPass offers features for secure password sharing with those whom you say may need it and provides emergency access in case you are unavailable. This is especially critical for continuity in your business. 
Password Rules. The software will detect when password or password practices are out of the norm. The norm is established by you as a personal owner, or by the designated administrator at your company in the case of business use, and by cybersecurity experts. 
Encryption. NordPass encryption is state of the art.  
Password management is not a passing fad. It is necessary for businesses and individuals alike. If you would like more information or pricing, please contact us. We would love to show you a demo and discuss your particular needs.  

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