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Video Surveillance Solutions

We live in a world that increasingly requires video surveillance solutions for our protection. We have to protect our company facilities, our employees, and ourselves with high quality recordings of workplace break-ins, violence, inventory movement, and on-site customer actions. PARKERTECHGROUP provides quality camera and recording systems, installation, and consulting on best security practices – all designed to be flexible and expandable. We work with the best video security brands and we also offer system monitoring for an additional fee. Give us a call for a free site assessment and quote.

Cloud Backups

The most important element of your computer, server, and network is your data! We often overlook this simple fact when choosing an IT partner. PARKERTECHGROUP is all about data integrity. We provide efficient and affordable cloud backup plans that are vastly improved over the limited plans of the past. We define data as more than business information - our backup plans are designed to take timely snapshots of your operating systems, applications, data files, pictures, email, etc. We place your data on redundant and secured platforms for storage and we monitor your backup results. If a problem occurs, we are on it before you even realize you have a problem! Call us to protect your expensive data assets!

Managed Anti-Virus

There are anti-virus programs, and then are managed anti-virus programs. We provide the latter, a high quality anti-virus program that is rated among the best in the industry. We then monitor your installation and we react immediately if we see a problem. Our managed anti-virus is free to our MSP customers and it is available to both residential and business clients.

Network Security

We know the importance of having a strong network security posture. We provide network services for websites, email, and custom web applications to hundreds of customers on our servers. The approach that we take to our own network is the same approach we will take for your network. In a network security service for you, we look at internal and external threats, and your ability to resist and survive an attack, both digitally and physically. In this comprehensive project, you will be advised of all findings in an easily understandable report, complete with recommendations for the future. If you are concerned with your overall security situation, whether you are a single PC owner or a multi-campus operation, contact us for more information about this important service.

Wiring for Networks and Phone Systems

We can wire your network and/or phone system from beginning to end, or if you prefer, we can simply for the terminations and connections to your network. We tackle jobs large and small.We offer the best secured and efficient wireless equipment and software available. We can plan and install a complete wireless grid for your office, including some point-to-point applications.