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Computer Repair & IT Support

We serve both Business and Residential clients with a solid list of technical offerings.

Computer Repair

Our approach to repairing your computer, laptop, or server is simple: we do the least invasive and time-consuming work to fix the issue, while protecting your valuable data, and keeping your costs as low as possible. We use quality parts and software and usually can provide them at great prices. Our goal is to gain a happy customer who will continue to use our services and recommend us to others. We provide in-shop services as well as on-site services, including house calls. Our techs are highly mobile and equipped.

IT Support for Your Business

As a fellow business organization, PARKERTECHGROUP understands what is needed to operate and what has to happen if operations are impacted by poor computer performance or a virus attack or worse. In the US, businesses without a complete protection view of their networks, equipment, software, and most importantly, their data, are many times more prone to failure than those who carefully plan to prevent and, if necessary, recover from an IT loss. This is where PARKERTECHGROUP excels. We offer strategic support plans to businesses that are flexible to your needs, priced to save you money, and built around our preventative approach to IT Support. Basically we offer three planes of support:

  • MSP (Managed Services Plan)
  • Monthly, Fixed-Rate Support Plan
  • • It provides unlimited IT support during your agreement hours for a known budget amount. No surprises!
  • • It includes highly effective anti-virus protection.
  • • You get high priority response – phone, remote, and onsite.
  • • You get techs who understand your business and needs.
  • • You get consulting on matters of security, expansion, communications, mobility, and more.
  • • You get a partner who cares about your success and will work to prevent downtime and increase performance in your organization.
  • BLOCK (Prepaid Hours)
  • Prepaid & Heavily Discounted Support Hours
  • If you do not have a need for MSP coverage and basically want to pay as you utilize us, then BLOCK is the next best thing to MSP. Our BLOCK plan is designed to:
  • • Saves you money over paying for straight hourly labor. You pay upfront for the block and in return you get a 20% or more discount on our labor. The larger the block the better the discount.
  • • You get a higher priority response than a non-MSP or non-BLOCK client. We appreciate your investment with us and we want to be timely and effective for you.
  • • Best of all - your purchased block of hours do not expire!
  • Just Call Us When You Need Us
  • • If your needs are very few and a fixed rate or prepaid block of hours is not practical for your situation, we still want to be here for you.
  • • Just contact us by phone, email, or on social media. We will do a great job for you – remotely, in one of our offices, or at your business or home. We have many residential or home office customers that utilize us regularly!