digital marketing
Digital Marketing

Social Media

Over the past decade, social media has become a critical part of a company’s marketing strategy. Recognizing this, PARKERTECHGROUP has developed a hub-centric social media and web approach that is designed to increase your digital marketing performance. We work with your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to produce business quality marketing interfaces that will provide a consistent and effective channel of advertising to render real results.

Content Management

As with websites, social media content is chore and often is done in a counter-productive way. Stale content, inconsistent content, and low yield content are social media limiters. We can work with you to produce productive content that will interface with your web site technologies to give your audience or customers a similar experience regardless of how they link into your digital market presence. Our content managers relieve you of much of the mundane, yet critical content generation, all for a very reasonable cost.

Videography & Photography

We can provide stock and created videos and photography for your social (and web) platforms that tell your story in a pleasing and easily grasped presentation. Our web and social media masters can develop the entire marketing storyboard, or we can use yours to produce an effective result for you.