Where are you Located?

In Dunn NC we are at 215 E Divine Street in Dunn, NC. Click here for a map, Give us a call at 910-892-8782.

Are you a computer store?

Yes and No. We are not a traditional retail store, nor are we just a computer repair shop. We are better! We do sell equipment and we do fix computers, viruses, etc. But we are a whole lot more. We offer a range of services and products for you. We believe we are a total IT solutions provider to our corporate and private customers.

Do you offer Free Quotes?

Absolutely! We will be glad to meet with you and discuss your IT needs and our solutions. Our products cover a wide range of issues - from backups to video surveillance to general network support and more.

Do you Provide service for the Home User?

Yes we do! You will not find nicer, more knowledgeable, trustworthy technicians anywhere! And we are priced right!

Do you offer any discounts?

Oh yeah! Our non-profit web site customers can save a bundle on our web technologies. Any first time customer can ask for a Try-Us discount! All our support contracts carry significant discounts on labor, sometimes as high as 15%. And then there is our 'specials' that drive our techs and accounting people nuts!

Do I need a contract to have you work on my computer or networks?

Absolutely not; Although contract agreements can save you a lot of money, we do work on residential and non-contract customer's systems.

What is the difference between having a contract for my business or just calling you when I need you?

We try to respond to all of our clients as fast as possible. However, we do promise our contract customers priority response. Our contract clients also enjoy discounted rates and a fixed monthly cost for unlimited support during normal business hours.

I see you are a premier Dell Partner, so, why should I buy my Dell computer or server from you?

As a Premier partner, we get very high discounts on equipment that we pass on to our clients. We also get technical and sales resources that are very valuable to us and to you. Also, when you buy from us, you do not have to call Dell. You call us and we take care of you, whether it is a warranty issue or not. Click here for our Dell offerings.

You do websites and custom web apps. Why use PTG for my web need?

High quality, great pricing, great support! Our websites are what you, the customer, want. And you can choose who keeps your site maintained - us, you, or both. Click here for more web site information.

Why should I buy a camera surveillance system from you?

Our surveillance systems are high quality, professionally installed systems. They are not the cheap, low resolution, non-reliable packages that you see in retail stores. If it is worth protecting, you should consider our solutions.

What makes you different from other computer stores or networking companies?

Our customer service is what distinguishes us from the rest. Over 95% of our customers stay with us. The majority of our growth is from referrals. All we can say is try us. We will do all we can to keep you satisfied.

What is the most common thing said about PARKERTECHGROUP?

What we hear the most is that we can be trusted. And at the end of the day, that is what matters.